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A Season of Gratitude

A Season of Gratitude

  • by Jennifer Morrisey

As the festive lights twinkle and the season of joy unfolds, I am filled with immense gratitude and excitement. Today, I want to share some wonderful news and upcoming plans with all of you, who have been the cornerstone of our little soap-making journey.

Celebrating Our First Holiday Season: A Resounding Success!

Our inaugural holiday season has been a spectacular journey, filled with the aroma of handmade soaps and the spirit of joy. I had so much fun participating as a vendor at a handful of local craft shows. We've experienced a bustling and successful season thanks to your overwhelming enthusiasm and support at the Sodus Harvest Fest, Bloomfield Craft Fair, Small Business Saturday at the Palmyra Library, and the Holiday Boutique at the Museum of Wayne County History. It brings me immense joy to announce that our entire range of handcrafted soaps has been completely sold out - a true testament to your love and support!


Our Wax Melts Will Continue To Be Available Online!

While our soaps are taking a brief hiatus online as I restock, our highly popular, intensely scented wax melts are still available to enjoy. They're perfect for keeping your spaces fragrant and cozy as we transition into the new year. 

Embracing a Well-Deserved Break 

Creating handcrafted soaps is a labor of love, one that requires patience and care. A significant part of this break is dedicated to the 6-8 week cure time needed for our soaps. This essential process ensures that each bar develops the perfect texture,  gentle cleansing properties, and a lasting bar that FLX Farmhouse Soaps is known for.

Save the Date: Soaps Will Be Back at the End of January!

FLX Farmhouse Soaps will be back and fully stocked by the end of January. Our virtual shelves will once again be adorned with your favorite soaps, ready to be a part of your daily rituals.

The Scent of Spring!

Shortly after our signature soap collection is restocked, late winter will bring with it  our exciting spring launch. Expect a bouquet of spring scents, capturing the essence of renewal and freshness, perfect for the season of blossoms and new beginnings. 

I'd Love to Hear From You: Share Your FLX Farmhouse Experience! 

Your experiences and reviews are the heartbeats of FLX Farmhouse Soaps. If you've enjoyed our soaps or wax melts, please take a moment to share your thoughts on our website. Your feedback is invaluable, helping us grow and bringing joy to our FLX family.

Wrapping Up with a Heart Full of Thanks

As I take this time to celebrate, rest, and prepare for the exciting chapters ahead, I extend my deepest gratitude to each of you. Your support and love have made FLX Farmhouse Soaps more than just a brand; it's a community, a dream realized.

Here's to a restful season and the anticipation of all the fragrant wonders to come!

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